The Bo100 Building

A more

then ordinary housing






Bo100 – the House, the Area, the Street

"We built  


A Jewel with Ancestry

Bo100 is located on Monbijougatan 4 in central Malmö, one block away from Triangeln. 

Monbijougatan was named in 1889 and got its current route from Norra Skolgatan to Folkets park in 1904.

Monbijou was the name given by the tractor Christian Gottlieb Amilon around 1810 to an outdoor inn in the corner of Spangatan and Norra Skolgatan, said to be inspired by the Monbijou Castle in Berlin, Germany.

At the inn there was a also a dance floor and amusement park. In the 1850s it became a cholera hospital. 1879 the Monbijou School was built there, the oldest school outside the old city centre. 

Mon Bijou is French and means my jewel.

Our common areas

  • Activity room for meetings and parties.
  • Sauna with outdoor relax chairs.
  • Guest room with three beds.
  • Rooms for hobbies in the basement.
  • Gym.
  • Attic for ping pong and some storage.
  • Laundry rooms in each stairwell.
  • Garden with seating areas, pond, boules court, playing areas and bicycle parking.
  • Garage with 19 spaces in the basement.

Personal touch all over

Balcony contemplation in Bo100

  • The Bo100 House contains 39 apartments of 42 to 140 square meters.
  • Three stairwells. Four to five levels.
  • All apartments have their own unique  layout. You can’t find two apartments that look the same.
  • Six apartments are built on double floors.
  • Five of the apartments have a pantry to walk into.
  • Nineteen apartments have an open-plan kitchen.
  • Marble window sills all over. 
  • The house has 323 windows in 40 different window shapes. Each apartment has its own color on the window frames.
  • Security doors with unique color scheme.